Internet Services

Our internet services can be as basic as simply giving you a business quality broadband connection or as complex as giving every one of your employees or students different levels of internet access.  Here's an overview into some of the ways we can help.


We can provide three types of broadband to businesses: ADSL, FTTC and Bonded.

  • ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) follows the principles of broadband connectivity that most people would have at home; it's a traditional copper telephone line that can handle a data signal. 
  • FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) uses fibre optic cables, which provide much faster internet speeds than copper, up to your nearest 'cabinet and a standard line from there to your premises.
  • Bonded is a whizzy way of linking up more than one broadband provider to increase the amount of bandwidth (and therefore your data allowances and download and upload speeds).  We can link (or 'bond') up to four providers to one business connection.  Bonding has the added benefit of reducing the chances of your internet connection failing completely as if one provider had service down time, it would simply slow down while it was running only on the other(s).

Special Assured Broadband for VOIP

If you've already got VOIP, or you've been looking into it, you'll know that it runs on the internet.  To minimise the chances of all your telephone lines going down because of a broadband provider's scheduled or unscheduled network downtime, you could either look into bonding (as above) or we can provide you with some wireless dongles for the back of your router that only fire up if your usual network connection drops.  Genius.

Managed Security / Firewalls and Content Filtering

The anti-virus packages most people have at home work by recognising when some dodgy file has found its way onto your PC and quarantining it to stop it harming all the other files you have on your system.  Our system aims to stop the malware at the gate without ever letting it in. 

Also, and we think this is remarkable, every single website in the world is categorised.  From a new website being created, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for it to be allocated to a category.  And from then on, that site and every other website that already exists is scanned every 15 minutes to make sure it continues to be categorised correctly.  Our managed security system can then be programmed to block and allow certain categories.  So, if you don't want your staff or students to have access to a particular category - we can block it for you.  And you can sleep easily knowing that it's only ever 15 minutes out of date at most.

With content filtering, we can go a step further and set access limits for individuals rather than for your organisation as a whole.  This is especially useful for schools, where headteachers may want very heavily restricted access limits for young pupils, but more relaxed settings for staff.  Equally it works for businesses where, for example, only staff within the HR Team may be allowed to access recruitment agency websites or only employees responsible for advertising can access social networking sites such as Facebook.  When setting these parameters, we set it for each employee's log-in rather than by PC, so it's completely unaffected if your employees hot-desk.

Leased Line

A leased line is the bees' knees of internet services.  It gives your business its own dedicated connection to an outside line, which means you don't have to pay any network provider for a bundle.  You have unlimited access to the internet and unlimited data allowances because you're not taking up any space on a public network. 

The cost of a leased line is different for every customer because we need to physically dig up the ground outside your workplace to install a line.  So it depends how much we have to dig up to get the line from your office to your nearest telecoms box ('cabinet') and whether it would need any roads to be closed during work and so on. 

Every price is different because every site is different, but we always try to be flexible with our pricing to accommodate your budget.  So you could either opt for free installation and pay slightly more per month for the line rental, or we can give you a quote for the installation allowing you to pay less each month for your line rental.

Wi-fi Solutions

We can also install wi-fi solutions for organisations that want individuals to be able to access the internet that way.  For example, we've installed this technology into many hospitals to provide broadband access to student doctors living in the on-site accommodation.

Our free telecoms review service will look at your company's specific requirements and make recommendations as appropriate to your needs and budget.